China Visa Service

Easy: Follow our simple China visa application procedures. It's as easy as 1,2,3.

Fast: From same-day to 24 hours, nobody does it faster! Guaranteed!

Affordable: Reasonably priced, our service let you save money while enjoying the peace of mind.

Reliable: A member of Better Business Bureau, our service has many years of impeccable record.

China Visa Service

A member of the Better Business Bureau, with an A+ rating, we are the No. 1 Chinese visa service provider in the U.S. With offices in Houston, Chicago and San Francisco, we have processed Chinese visa applications for customers from all 50 states. Formerly the visa department of Access China Tours, we became a specialized Chinese visa service agency in 2004 and have since helped hundreds of thousands of American travelers obtain a Chinese visa, and provided U.S. passport service at the same time. Because of our highly efficient and reliable service, we have earned the support and praise from our loyal customers who have in turn helped us grow from a small Houston firm to one with multiple branch offices across the country.

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